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Terms and Conditions


Wash Dry and Fold:
All wash dry and fold will be washed in cold water unless otherwise specified. Wash dry fold has a minimum of 10lbs in orders with other items that meet the $29 order minimum. Men's pressed shirts and items in orders under 10lbs are charged by piece. For orders containing only wash dry fold, the minimum charge is for 23lbs to make the order minimum of $29. For wash dry an fold items we will wash your clothes once. However, we do not guarantee complete stain removal. Sometimes heavily soiled items will remain soiled after washing. Unfortunately, some clothes have stains that are irreversible and thus we cannot guarantee the removal of all of your stains. It is your responsibility and in your own interest to point out heavily soiled clothing to us before we wash so that we can individually stain-treat each piece of soiled clothing before washing and so that we can attempt to remove the stain and ensure that the stains or soiling does not spread to your other clothes in the washing process. We are not responsible in the extremely rare instance that the stains do spread. Nor are we responsible for any color bleeding, or fading that can sometimes occur in the cleaning process. It is your responsibility to notify us of any garments that may bleed so that we can individually process these garments. We are not responsible for any dyeing or damage done to your other clothes if you do not notify us in advance. Please note that we charge extra by piece for individual garment stain removal. Additionally, we are not responsible for items such as, but not limited to, pens or lipstick left in pockets or in your laundry, which could dye and damage your clothes.

Generally, wash dry and fold can be completed in as little as one day. In fact, sometimes it can even be completed the same day. We will make every effort to complete your order in as short of time as possible while ensuring our high cleaning standards; however, during exceptionally busy periods we may not be able to complete your order in time for next day delivery, but please understand that we make every effort to get your clothes back to you as soon as possible. If you need your clothes by a certain day, please let us know as we may be able to prioritize your order.

Dry Cleaning:
Dry cleaning is dispatched to our dry cleaning facility in the mornings. The turnaround time is generally 3 business days from the day of pickup. Dry cleaning usually takes longer because we use the gentlest dry cleaning method to ensure the longevity of your clothes. Because we clean gently, not all stains come out with just one round of cleaning; thus, we sometimes treat garments multiple times in addition to using special spot-cleaning methods. This process can take 3 or more business days. Our delivery system has built in time for moderately soiled items. If you need your dry cleaning sooner, and your garments are not heavily soiled, please let us know so that we can try to expedite our thorough cleaning process for you.

As with all other clothes, we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains on your dry cleaning garment—some stains are simply irreversible. We are committed, however, to make every effort to remove as many stains as possible while maintaining the longevity of your clothes. If you discover that we have missed a stain, please let us know, and we will be happy to dry clean your clothes again for no charge (but please notify us within 24 hours of delivery of your garment). Keep in mind that some stains are irreversible, so even cleaning multiple times will not remove these stains.

It is your responsibility to notify the driver of and separate dry cleaning clothes from laundry clothes. If you do not notify us ahead of time, we are not responsible for dry cleaning clothes that are washed.

Laundered / Pressed / Hand washed / Hand Pressed shirts/blouses:
We offer machine pressed and traditional hand-pressed shirts and blouses. Traditional men's dress shirts are machine pressed at our dry cleaning facility and consequently take between 2-3 business days to complete. Hand-pressed shirts are done in our store and can be completed as early as the same day. Customers who have shirts in special fabrics such as Sea Island or Thomas Mason generally use our hand-washing and hand-pressed service. Because of the time and labor involved, hand-pressed and -washed shirts are more expensive. Women's blouses cannot be machine-pressed, and must be hand-pressed due to the smaller size and curves of the shirt. If you need your shirt the next/same day, choose the hand-pressed option.

Missing / Damaged garments:
In over 20 years of service and the hundreds of thousands of dry cleaning garments we have cleaned, we have only lost 2 garments (1 of which was discovered 1 month after and returned to the customer). Therefore, in the extremely unlikely scenario that your garment is lost, we will make every effort to track it down and if we cannot find it, we will pay you up to a maximum of 5 times the price of cleaning the garment. For example, if the cost of dry cleaning a pair of pants is $6.99, we will compensate up to $34.95 (5 * $6.99). If a wash-dry-fold item is lost, the same policy applies. For example, if a sweater is not returned in a wash-dry-fold order and the weight of the sweater is 1 pound, we will compensate up to 5 times the rate of $1.29/pound or $6.45 for the sweater.

This same policy also applies to damaged clothing. If in the highly unlikely scenario that we damage your clothing, and it can be proven that it was a result of our actions, we will compensate you up to 10 times the cost of cleaning the garment.

If you do notice something is missing or damaged, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery. We are not responsible for claims of loss or damage made beyond 24 hours of delivery.

Pickup and Delivery:
You may choose either attended or unattended service for pickups and deliveries. Attended gives you the flexibility of designating a specific time for us to pick up or drop off your clothes. Customers choose this option so that they can personally hand the driver clothes or receive their clothes from the driver at a specified time. There is a fee of $4.95 each way for attended service.

Unattended service on the other hand is a free option. However with this service you may only choose the day for the pick up or delivery and cannot specify a time. We will arrive sometime between the hours of 9AM and 10:30PM on the day you choose. With this service you should leave your laundry with a doorman or somewhere safe we can pickup from. If you choose to leave your laundry somewhere, you must let us know exactly where you will leave it so that we can find it when we arrive. Please leave your laundry in a safe place as we are never responsible for laundry before it is in our possession or after it is delivered back and leaves our possession.

If you choose attended service, please be present during the time you specified. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please email us sooner rather than later. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your date of service. This gives us enough time to re-route our driving routes and prevents us from making a wasted trip. Failure to notify us 24 hours in advance of service will result in a late cancellation charge of $9.90; so please be present and have your laundry available for pickup. This policy also applies to unattended service

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