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Step 1. Register for a no obligations account online.

Step 2. Schedule a time for us to pick up your laundry.

Important: Attended vs Unattended Service

Attended service allows you to specify a 1 or 2 hour time block during which we will pick up your laundry. Unattended service allows you to choose a service day, during which we drop by at a time when other people in your area have also scheduled. If you live in an apartment building, we encourage to give us access for added convenience. Giving us building access or leaving your laundry at your door or with a doorman (unattended service) gives you free delivery. If you choose this option, you must have your laundry available for pickup at all times between 10am and 10:30pm on the day you request service. If your laundry is not available when we arrive, a $4.95 charge will be added to your bill.

Step 3. We wash your clothes with the utmost care.

How your clothes are washed.

Once picked up, your clothes are weighed and then carefully washed by professionals who have over 20 years of cleaning experience, meaning everything from your regular t-shirts to high-end bespoke clothing will be taken care of and washed with the utmost of care. We pride ourselves in our high quality cleaning and extreme attention to detail. Your clothes will come back neatly folded and wonderfully fresh.

Having been around for over 90 years, we really know how to wash clothes! Orders with dry cleaning can be done as little as 2-3 business days.

Step 4. We will have your order ready as early as the next day and deliver it back to you at a time and day that you specify.

Payment. Once we receive your laundry, we will email you with a bill with all prices and services listed. You may pay by credit card online before we deliver or by cash or check at the time of delivery.

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