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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you servicing my area?
To keep business manageable and to ensure the highest quality service, we are currently only servicing customers in the following cities: Allston, Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Brookline Village, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chestnut Hill, Medford, Somerville and Watertown. Please click here to see if you fall within our service zones. However, we are expanding so even if we're not in your area, please provide your contact information so we may contact you when we are.
How long does it take to get my laundry/dry cleaning back?
Wash-Dry-Fold service can be completed in as quickly as the same day! For example if we pick up from you on Monday morning, we can deliver it back to you Monday night. Dry cleaning generally takes a bit longer with turnaround times in either 2 or 3 business days. On certain occasions we can provide same-day service for dry cleaning as well if we pickup from you before noon and your clothes are not heavily soiled and simply need a refresh. For all same-day service requests, please choose an attended pickup before noon and an attended delivery after 8:00PM.
Do you have a minimum per order?
The minimum is $29 per order. We'll still pick up your laundry even if you don't have this minimum, but the minimum service portion charge is $29 per order.
Are you green?
We've been minimizing our impact on the environment long before it was considered "cool." We at Oxford Laundry believe that being environmentally friendly goes beyond simply using eco-friendly detergents and organic solvents in dry cleaning (although we do both). We also strive to have as minimal an impact as possible on the environment by turning our thermostat lower, using fans instead of air conditioning, switching to energy saving lights, and using the latest water- and energy-saving washing machines. Further, we've been reducing, reusing, and recycling for longer than we can remember. Being green is not just some fad catch phrase for us - we truly believe in it and live by it.
What is your tipping policy?
Most of our customers tip our drivers the standard 15% of the total bill, but how much you tip is entirely up to you for orders under $39. Our drivers certainly appreciate tips higher than the standard 15% for their hard work. The standard 15% tip will be added for orders over $39.
Do you have rush service?
We believe our 1 day turn around is already pretty fast. But if you need something rushed, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Same day service for wash-dry-fold service can be available if you choose an attended pickup before 11 AM and an attended delivery after 8 PM. There will be a $4.95 same day charge for these orders.

Same day service can be available for dry cleaning items that are not soiled or very lightly soiled and simply need a refresh. Please follow the same procedure as wash-dry-fold.

Please note same day service is a best effort on our part and not a guarantee. If your clothes are heavily soiled or if we are back-logged with work, we may not be able to provide same day service. If this is the case, you will simply be refunded the same-day service charge and your clothes will be delivered the following day.

What is attended vs. unattended pickup/delivery?
With attended service, you get to choose a designated time when the driver will pick up or deliver your laundry. This option is usually for people who can't give building access or would prefer to personally hand their clothes to the driver. There is a $4.95 charge each way for this service.

With unattended service, you get to choose the day you would like for us to pickup or deliver, but the drivers arrive at an unspecified time between 10:00AM and 10:30PM. This means on the day(s) you would like a pickup, you must have your laundry out and available for us to pickup at all times from 10:00AM to 10:30PM. A $4.95 missed pickup fee will be charged if your laundry is not out and available during the hours specified on the day you request service. For unattended service, we would prefer to have access to your building to facilitate ease of pickup and drop-off. Alternatively, you may also leave your laundry outside at a specified location. Unattended pickup/delivery is free.

What happens if I need to change or cancel a pickup/delivery?
Please email or call us right away: info@myoxfordlaundry.com, 617-834-1984. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 12 hours in advance of day you need service. This gives us sufficient time to notify our drivers and reroute our driving. If we're not notified at least 12 hours in advance, we'll have to charge you $9.90 for each occurrence.
What if I am not present for an attended pickup/delivery? Or I forget to leave my clothes with my concierge or at my designated place?
For attended service the drivers will make every attempt to reach you through their cell phone or buzzing your doorbell. For unattended service, we will look for your laundry in your designated place of pickup or drop off. If you’re simply not available, or you've forgotten to leave your clothes for us to pick up and this is the first occurance, we'll charge you the reduced missed pick up/delivery fee of $9.90. If you forget a second a time, we’ll have to charge you the full missed pick up/delivery fee of $29.00. Missed pick ups and deliveries are costly for us as a business because we still pay our drivers the full rate for their time and services, so please, please remember to leave your clothes or be present when we arrive.
What is the service charge?
We charge all of our delivery customers a low $1.49 service charge per order. This helps us with our running costs such fuel, parking, parking tickets, delivery vehicle maintenance, etc.
Do you provide bulk laundry / commercial laundry service?
We certainly do! Please email us and we will respond A.S.A.P.
I want a laundry bag. How much do they cost?
Our durable nylon laundry bags cost $12.99 each and hold between 25-30 pounds of laundry.
Is Sunday pickup and delivery available?
We normally deliver Monday through Saturday. There is a charge of $6.95 for Sunday pickup and delivery.
What if I discover something is missing?
In the extremely rare instance that this happens, we ask that you first make sure that it is indeed missing and that you dropped it off to us for cleaning. Often times one may think one has dropped off a garment for cleaning, but actually did not. However, if you are certain you dropped it off and it is indeed missing, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery for reparations to be made. The earlier you notify us, the better because this gives us time to track down your garment. We will not be responsible for claims filed after 24 hours of delivery.
What is the WDF price for non-garments and large items?
Non-garment items are not included in the regular WDF rate. The following are some common non-garment items and their respective prices. Please note these are base prices and go up according to size/time/labor involved.

Rugs $9.99
Blankets and comforters $8.99
My clothes are wet. Can you charge me for their dry weight?
We determine the size of the washer based on the weight of the clothes when they arrive. Thus if your clothes are wet, the added weight of the moisture in the clothes means we will have to wash your clothes in a larger capacity washer, therefore we charge based on the weight of the clothes when they arrive to us. If you would like us to charge you for the clothes' dry weight, please make sure your clothes are dry when we pick them up from you.
What should I put my clothes in?
We would strongly prefer receiving your clothes in trash bags or reuseable laundry bags. If you do not have a laundry bag or trash bags, you may purchase a heavy duty reuseable laundry bag from us for $12.99. We kindly ask that you do not give us clothes in heavy hampers, luggage, or any other heavy container as we will weigh your laundry in these containers. Thus it is in your best interest to put your laundry in bags that are as light as possible.
Are there any other charges I should be aware of?
The standard way we process all laundry is cold wash with Tide detergent and high heat tumble dry. Any deviation from this standard will require a charge of $0.15 per pound of laundry for the entire order, or $4.99 per deviation (whichever is greater). For example if you request the use of 7th Generation detergent and hang drying of your clothes, it will be $4.99 for the 7th Generation and $4.99 for the hang drying.
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