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About Us

Service Above All

* High quality service. Excellent service remains a long time staple of our business. We have been proudly serving the Agassiz, Harvard, Lesley, and surrounding community for over 20 years. As a local, family run business, we strive to provide quality services and fair prices for our customers..

* Low Prices. Because we are a small business with little no overhead, we are able to pass on these savings to you and offer the most competitive prices in area.

* Customer Satisfaction. A number of our customers continue to use our service even after leaving the Agassiz Community. Many still bring their laundry to us from Arlington, Boston, Somerville, and even as far as Reading.

Going Green

We at Oxford Laundry believe that being environmentally friendly goes beyond simply using eco-friendly detergents and organic solvents in dry cleaning (although we do both). We also strive to have as minimal an impact as possible on the environment by turning our thermostat lower, using fans instead of air conditioning, using energy saving lights, and using the latest water- and energy-saving washing machines. 

What Sets Us Apart

* Comfortable Environment. We keep the store very clean and tidy and provide prompt, friendly service so our customers are always comfortable.

* Attention to Detail. We are very meticulous and pay attention to the smallest detail in every job. We personally do all wash-dry-fold jobs to ensure they are of the highest quality.

* Convenient Hours. We are open for long hours. Our coin-op machines are open 8am-10pm six days a week, and 9am-10pm on Sundays. We also accept wash-dry-fold, dry cleaning, and other special orders during this time via our drop-box.